The Musicians

The People Who Made the Music!

Alyssa Wright - Cello
Passionately creative and creatively passionate, Alyssa Wright is a cellist, vocalist, songwriter, music educator, music writer, and occasional music rant-er. She is currently a member of folk-roots duo The Brights, and classical ensemble Amity Trio, is Ontario folk music's "go-to-it" girl for cello studio and session work and she has performed coast to coast. Alyssa performed on “The Crystals that I’ve Known” on this project. The recording of Alyssa for this project was done by her husband Don Bray (also in the photo) at his Meek Monk Studio.
Carol Teal – Harmony Vocals and Mandolin
Carol Teal is David K. Joyce’s life partner as well as musical partner! David and Carol have collaborated on three previous recording projects and have been performing their music together for 17 years or so. They met through music! You can learn more about Carol Teal at Carol’s great voice and sense of harmony grace many of the songs on “High Grade and Nuggets”. She also played mandolin on Highway 17.
David K. Joyce – Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
David has been a musician and songwriter as long as he has been collecting minerals; since he was 12 years old. He has been an avid mineral field collector al of his life. For most of his “real” working life, toiled for explosives, engineering and contractors in the mining business, travelling the world. He tries to bring his guitar and harmonicas with him on work trips, collecting trips and to mineral shows and it was inevitable that he would write songs that captured his observations about the mining and mineral collecting worlds. To him they are closely connected. To learn more about the musical side of David K. Joyce and to learn more about other recordings that he has done, go to . To learn more about “the places he has roamed” to collect minerals, check out the “Articles” section of this website.
David Woodhead – Electric Bass Guitar and Fretless Bass Guitar
David Woodhead is the primo bass player on the Toronto folk/roots music scene. He has performed and recorded with many others including Perth County Conspiracy, Garnet and Stan Rogers, James Keelaghan, Don Ross, Oliver Schroer, Loreena McKennitt, and Valdy He is one of the most creative bass players around and is renowned for his work on fretless bass guitar. David’s work is on all of the songs that you can hear bass on, except “Highway 17” and “Miner’s Home”, on this CD. To learn more about David Woodhead you can visit his website,
Geoff Somers – Mandolin
Geoff has such a great touch on the mandolin. He has performed and recorded with many great performers. Geoff's work on fiddle, guitar, and mandolin has been described as "technically polished, rhythmically sharp, and oozing creativity." Geoff is also well known as a perennial sideman, and co-producer for Juno award winner, David Francey. Geoff played mandolin on all of the cuts on this project except “Miner’s Home”.
Jason LaPrade – Producer, Engineer, Dobro and Harmony Vocals
Jason LaPrade is the proprietor of “Crystal Clear Sound” and is in-demand in the Toronto area as an expert sound man and, increasingly, as a record producer. His great ear, knack for musical arrangements have made him a natural! As well, as you can hear on “Packsack Miner” and “Glory Hole”, he is a magnificent dobro player. He also provided harmony vocals on “Damn the Glaciers”, “Diggin’ in a Hole” and “Glory Hole”. Jason produced and engineered Teal and Joyce’s recent recording “Has It All Been Said”. You can learn more about Jason at his website:
Rosemary Phelan – Harmony Vocals
Rosemary’s voice can be heard on a number of songs on this recording including “Packsack Miner”, “Damn the Glaciers”, “Glory Hole”, “Crystal Systems” and “The Dealer”. She just seems to find the right harmonies to fill out a song and make sound beautifully finished and polished. She is a great songwriter and performer that you can learn more about on he website
Wendell Ferguson –Lead Guitar
Wendell is one of the finest guitar players in North America winning the Guitar Player of the year award so many times they retired him from the competition! He has accompanied many famous performers and is a studio musician in demand. He has backed up or recorded with great stars such as Shania Twain, the Dixie Chicks, Gordon Lightfoot, Michelle Wright, The Arrogant Worms, Quartette, Jane Siberry, Murray McLaughlin and NOW David K. Joyce. He is also one of the funniest people on the music scene! Check him out at . Wendell added greatly to “Gold is Where You Find it” and “The Mineral Dealer”.
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