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Reduced Prices

From time to time, we have to shrink our inventory by reducing the number of old and/or surplus specimens. As well, we may have batches of specimens that we want to sell at wholesale pricing. We will try to do this by offering substantial discounts on prices of those specimens. You will find them in this section. The price you see is the original price and we will discount it by the amount noted in the title of each page.

There are some excellent mineral specimens here!!

Postage in Canada

Will be estimated based on $14.00 for the first specimen and an additional $1.00 per specimen, as long as the package is under 0.5kg.

 Postage in USA

Air mail, (no tracking) will be estimated as $12.00 for the first specimen, and $1.00 per additional specimen, assuming the weight of the package does not exceed 0.5 kg (about one pound. If you want Xpresspost or Tracking, please let us know.

 Postage outside of North America

Will be estimated on the basis of regular air mail (no tracking), as $14.00 for the first specimen and $1.00 for each additional specimen, as long as the package weight does not exceed 0.250 kg. We’ll let you know. If you want Xpresspost or tracking, please let us know.

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