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Titanite, Magnesiokatophorite

Bear Lake Diggings
Size: 14.0x14.0x10.0 cm
Largest crystal size: t-85, mk-80 mm
This specimen is not available for sale.

This is a large cabinet specimen of titanite and magnesiokatophorite from the legendary Bear Lake Diggings, one of the more prolific Grenville vein-dyke locations. This is an old timer, collected many years ago. It shows a large, undamaged, lustrous, chocolate-brown titanite crystal, flanked by two crystals of magnesiokatophorite with some smaller crystals of each elsewhere on the specimen. A couple of contact spots or re-healed spots on a couple of the crystals but it is in very good shape and displays extremely well. It was difficult to capture in photos and it looks WAY better in person.

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