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Quartz, Byssolite

Zeballos, Vancouver Is., BC
Size: 4.5x2.8x1.8 cm
Largest crystal size: 45 mm
This specimen is not available for sale.

From an newer, less known locality near Zeballos on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, here is a pair of super-sharp quartz crystals showing inclusions of the acicular amphibole, byssolite. The elongated crystals show a frosty transparent tip with the lower two-thirds displaying dense forest-green interior phantoms. There is more of a tan or straw colouration nearer the base of the crystals due to oxidization. The bigger crystal has a tiny chip on the tip of the crystal.. Colloquially known as "forest quartz", it's quite easy to fantasize about digging these specimens up in the beautiful rain forests of B.C. That said though, all digging on the the claim where these come from is currently under a strict halt and we're not sure when or if more will become available again. A must have for any quartz collectors or Canadian collections.

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