Lucky Four Claims
Foley Peak
British Columbia
Size: 3.4x2.7x1.1 cm
Largest crystal size: as above mm
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Here is something we don't see very often from Canada. A specimen of Quartz, twinned on the Japan-Law. The crystal is very well formed with a smaller, ordinary quartz crystal sprouted off of the bottom. One of the "wings" of the twin is included with light green, acicular tremolite crystals with hexagonal black chlorite crystals suspended in the tremolite, inside the quartz. If you'd like to see how this and other specimens were collected, go to the "Articles" section of this website and look for the article "Collecting Japan Law Twins" there. Fascinating crystal specimen!

All prices in Canadian dollars. For payment in US$, deduct 25% or multiply by 0.75.

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