Proustite, Xanthoconite

Imiter Mine
Tinghir Cercle
Size: 12.2x8.5x4.4 cm
Largest crystal size: p-2mm mm
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R      This is a great example of the two minerals with the same chemical composition but very different physical properties on the same specimen. Polymorphs! Xanthoconite occurs on this specimen as dark orange-yellow, chisel-shaped crystals. Extremely well formed. The proustite occurs as ruby-red, terminated prisms and sprays, sometimes twinned, all over the specimen. There are many more proustites than xanthoconite. The matrix is corroded, argentiferous galena with small, sharp arsenopyrite crystals sprinkled here and there.  Really great example!

All prices in Canadian dollars. For payment in US$, deduct 25% or multiply by 0.75.

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