Gold, Pyrite, telluride, tourmaline

Beaufor Mine
Abitibi East Township
Size: 8.8x6.0x3.3 cm
Largest crystal size: n/a mm
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This super-high high grade chunk of gold mineralization! is composed of bright, deep yellow gold, streaking through a matrix of, predominately pyrite. As well though, there are clots, to 9mm across, of a grey, micaceous telluride, near the centre and back of the piece. Also, there are black patches of small tourmaline crystals here and there through the pyrite. Very small amounts of quartz.
The Beaufor Mine is a past producer that gave up 1.2 million troy ounces of gold before production was suspended a few years ago. Sawn on one side to better reveal reveal the gold and telluride mineralization. I estimate around 1.1 troy ounce of gold in this piece. Dense!!

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