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Fluorite, Quartz

Huanggang #4 Mine
Chifeng City
Inner Mongolia
Size: 9.5x7.8x4.9 cm
Largest crystal size: 12mm mm


There have been a wide variety of fluorite specimens out of this mine in China, but these pieces have to be some of the most distinctive. The edges of the fluorite cubes in these specimens are beveled by the dodecahedron making the crystals appear strongly rounded, a less common habit for Fluorite, making for some unusual crystallography. This particular specimen features very rich, dark blue, cubic/dodecahedral fluorite crystals formed over a cluster of white quartz crystals. Several of the bigger rounded crystals hang onto one side of the specimen standing out in stark contrast to the milky-white quartz. The quarts itself is also notable, the original growth consisted of clear, smokey quartz which was later overgrown by a secondary growth of tiny white crystals, giving it a cactus-like appearance.

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