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Fluorite, Quartz

Huanggang #4 Mine
Chifeng City
Inner Mongolia
Size: 16.7x10.6x4.5 cm
Largest crystal size: 25mm mm


There have been a wide variety of fluorite specimens from of this mine in China but these specimens have got to be some of the most distinctive. This piece features dark blue semi-lustrous cubic/dodecahedral modified crystals scattered over the surface of the milky-white quartz crystal matrix. The edges of the fluorite are beveled by the dodecahedron making the crystals appearĀ  rounded. This is a less common habit for Fluorite, making for some unusual crystallography. What stands out about this piece are the two intergrown fluorite crystals sitting on the matrix just off center. They show a much sharper cubic habit compared to other crystals on the specimen and flash noticeably due to their stepped habit. The specimen was sawn from the mine wall and so the back has been sawn on three of its sides leaving the top. Would make a beautiful cabinet piece fora fluorite collector!

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