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Euxenite -(Y)

Beryl Pit, Quadville, Ontario
Size: 1.7x1.4x1.4 cm
Largest crystal size: 16 mm


A doubly terminated, sharp euxenite crystal that is nearly complete all around. It is partially missing on the back but looks complete from most angles. Nice example!

"Euxenite, which is sometimes named euxenite-(Y) (the Y is for the yttrium), is a mineral that is sometimes called a "trash can mineral". Because it will accommodate a wide variety of elements in its crystal structure, generally the elements that other minerals do not seem to want, ie the "trash". For euxenite, these elements are in a group called the rare earths and are sometimes quite valuable, making euxenite a potentially profitable ore. Euxenite's name is from a Greek phrase meaning "hospitable", another reference to its . . . accommodating nature."1

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