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Copper, Chabazite, Calcite, Chrysocolla, etc.

Cape D'Or
Bay of Fundy
Nova Scotia
Size: 2.8x2.7x2.1 cm
Largest crystal size: ch-3mm, c0-1mm mm
This specimen is not available for sale.

Two pieces in this specimen!  the chabazite and calcite seem to have formed on crystallized, dendritic branches of copper crystals. The copper traverses through the crystals and pokes out here and there. The copper crystals can bee seen in the clear, colourless, chabazite crystals, poking out as crystals or in cross sections of broken crystals. Some cuprite also present. As well, some copper crystals are coated with chrysocolla and some fractured chabazite crystals are tinted with malachite and/ore chrysocolla. Very interesting specimens!

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