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Lynn Road
Colchester Co.
Nova Scotia
Size: 4.0x3.8x1.2 cm
Largest crystal size: n/a mm
This specimen is not available for sale.

Here is a beautiful bulky cluster of parallel, transparent, light blue, baryte crystals stacked upon one much bigger crystal. These well-formed tabular crystals came from an lesser-known locality in Colchester County in Nova Scotia. An excellent example!

From Mindat:

"An isolated mass of barite in a roadcut on Lynn Road. Discovered by Dick McAllister about the year 2000. The mass was roughly 2 ft across and consisted of friable pinkish massive barite. On the outside of the mass were some grayish blue crystals. The crystals had good transparency and were attractive. Very dirty calcite crystals were also found nearby. A search of the surrounding area produced no additional barite."*



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