Analcime, Serandite, Franconite, Natrolite, etc

Mont Saint-Hilaire
Size: 8.0x5.5x5.7 cm
Largest crystal size: a-55mm, s-28mm, mm
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Here is a classic pegmatite association from Mont Saint Hilaire. The main feature of the specimen is a large, white, well formed analcime crystal with a few smaller ones attached here and there. A orangey serandite crystal is attached to the lower left. There are a number of larger, wel formed natrolite crystals on the left hand side. near the termination of the serandite crystal are two perfect, white spheres of franconite. In addition, there are some small rhodochrosite crystals scattered around on the analcime and natrolite. Looks good!

All prices in Canadian dollars. For payment in US$, deduct 25% or multiply by 0.75.

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