David K. Joyce

Yukon Phosphates, Satterlyite, Big Fish River, Yukon

The Yukon Territory of Canada is famous for the well crystallized and rare phosphate minerals that occur at Rapid Creek and the Big Fish River areas. Satterlyite is one of the more rare phosphate minerals and Big fish River is the type locality for this mineral. Specimens here show the characteristic resinous yellow radiating crystals sometimes associated with other phosphate minerals. It was difficult to capture the right yellowish colour so I have tried to colour correct these images to ensure that you can differentiate the satterlyite from wolfeite and maricite in the images. All excellent pieces!

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SatterleyiteYukon Phosphates, Satterlyite, Big Fish River, Yukon
  • Item #22412
  • Satterleyite
  • 7.6x2.9x2.8 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 18mm
  • $75.00
  • Big Fish River

  • Yukon, Canada
  • An excellent specimen of this rare mineral, present in a "phosphate nodule" from the famous phosphate area of the Yukon. The satterlyite is present as radiating, resinous, yellow crystals as a major component of the nodule.