David K. Joyce

Yukonite, Venus Mine, Tagish Lake, Yukon Territory

Yukonite is a rare mineral and is an hydrous calcium-iron arsenate (or somethign close to that!). It does contain water molecules and over time, will dehydrate and shrink, causing bits of the yukonite to fall out of the specimens. That is why most are coated in a varnish when collected to prevent the loss of water. All of these specimens are from the type locality at Tagish Lake in the Yukon and were collected about 25 years ago as part of a masters degree thesis study.

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YukoniteYukonite, Venus Mine, Tagish Lake, Yukon Territory
  • Item #8536
  • Yukonite
  • 4.4x1.6x1.3 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: n/a
  • $35.00
  • Venus Mineta
  • Tagish Lake
    Yukon, Canada
  • This elongated piece of matrix has a couple of zones of dark-brown yukonite in it.