David K. Joyce

Rocks and Ores, United Keno Hill Mines, Elsa, Yukon Territory

United Keno Hill Mines was formed to mine the many veins that occur between Galena Hill and Keno Hill, along the Mayo River, in the Yukon Territory. The area was first mined in 1915 and veins were worked at a greater or lesser rate up until the late 1980's. There are a number of veins in the area and so some of these specimens are credited to certain veins but the exact vein-orgin of some of them has been lost. United Keno Hill Mines had a mineral collection on display in their office and I was fortunate to acquire it, recently. The mine(s) has been shut down for many years, due to too-high of costs to operate.

Of course, this area is famous for the polybasite and stephanite crystals that ocurred there at one time. I don't have any of those! They were very rare and are hard to come by, not to mention incredibly expensive! Here are some interesting geological and high-grade samples from these famous veins. Some are very dense, so extra postage costs will apply.

All prices in Canadian dollars. For payment in US$, deduct 20% or multiply by 0.8.

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GalenaRocks and Ores, United Keno Hill Mines, Elsa, Yukon Territory
  • Item #7778
  • Galena
  • 11.0x9.5x8.3 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: n/a
  • $60.00
  • United Keno Hill Mines
  • Elsa
    Yukon, Canada
  • This specimen was from a surface outcrop, of the deposit. The galena has been weathered away to cause quartz inclusions to protrude from the remnant galena. It has been broken on one side to show fresh, fine grained galena. Interesting!