David K. Joyce

Silver, etc., Silver Islet Mine, Silver Islet, Ontario

Silver Islet is just a speck in Lake Superior. It was a rich speck, at one time, though!!! Back in 1868, a vein of very rich silver was discovered on this little island, and it subsequently became one of Canada's first serious mines. The mine on Silver Islet operated from 1868 to 1884 and produced millions of ounces of silver. Interestingly, the discovery did not result in a "camp" as most other discoveries of silver and gold did in Norhtern Ontario. The very rich discovery at Silver Islet stood alone in the area, despite exploration from the ice with diamond drills during winter and exploration on land the rest of the year.
Nobody is allowed on Silver Islet, presently. Years ago, you could visit there and find silver and interesting minerals, leftovers from the "glory days" of the mine. ANY specimens from this famous old locality are very difficult to come by these days. Here are a few examples, including superb sawn slabs with great silver patterns as a result of the presence of silver crystals.

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SilverSilver, etc., Silver Islet Mine, Silver Islet, Ontario
  • Item #10117
  • Silver
  • 7.3x5.0x4.9 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: n/a
  • $75.00
  • Silver Islet Mine
  • Silver Islet, Lake Supreior
    Ontario, Canada
  • This half of a sawn beach cobble shows rich native silver and acanthite on the sawn side associated with a lttle galena and wurtzite. Classic Silver Islet association.