David K. Joyce

Tanco Mine Titanowodginite

The Tanco Mine is the type locality for this mineral. I was at the mine shortly after mining was conducted in the "Beryl Pit", the area where the original titanowodginite crystals originated. I have had two samples analysed, one utilizing a standard from the museum where the original work on titanowodginite took place.

As the location in the mine suggests, titanowodginite occurs intimately with white cesium-rich beryl along with quartz and often some blue apatite and mica group minerals. Most of the titanowodginite crystals in these specimens are crystal sections but some have been exposed intact, revealing excellent crystals of this very rare mineral! Here are some excellent specimens!

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Titanowodginite, BerylTanco Mine  Titanowodginite
  • Item #15210
  • Titanowodginite, Beryl
  • 6.0x5.0x4.6 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 4mm
  • $85.00
  • Tanco Mine
  • Bernic Lake, Lac-Du-Bonnet Area
    Manitoba, Canada
  • There are two sharp, v-twins of titanowodginite embedded in the quartz and beryl of this specimen along with several other sharp smaller crystals. Very good!