David K. Joyce

Pyrite Concretions, Tea Cove, Newfoundland

This is not a new locality but is a very old one, rediscovered!! If you look in Dana's System of Mineralogy,Seventh Edition, published in 1944, you'll see a reference to the "pyrite concretions on the west coast of Newfoundland". I imagine that they were noted in earlier editions, as well. The concretions are as notable now as they were then. These unusual concretions are eroded out of shales by wave action and then sit in the water on top of the shale rock. Thet take on a charming bronzey cast and are solid pyrite. Very dense. They occur in a variety of sizes, some extremely large. Some are smooth potato like masses and others are smooth masses with sharp crystals attached. Unique!!

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PyritePyrite Concretions, Tea Cove, Newfoundland
  • Item #5032
  • Pyrite
  • 5.3x4.3x3.3 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 20mm
  • $35.00
  • Tea Cove
  • Port au Port Peninsula
    Newfoundland, Canada
  • A 20mm hoppered pyrite crystal along with some smaller ones sit atop a swirly hemispherical concretion in a pleasant way. Concretions like these weather out of shales on the Port au Port Peninsula. Good looking!