David K. Joyce

Arizona -Lazaraskeite, Western Santa Catalina Mountains, Pima County, Arizona

About eight years ago, Warren Lazar was prospecting for gold in the remote, western Santa Catalina Mountain, north of Tucson, Arizona. He found some visible gold and located where he though might be the source of it. He started digging and as he dug, he found no further gold but did begin to encounter copper mineralization in the form of malachite and chrysocolla. Some really nice chrysocolla! As he dug, he, eventually found a small zone that had various other copper minerals, including one that he could not identify by sight. It occurred as gemmy, small crystals associated with chrysocolla in the decomposed pegmatite that seemed to host the copper mineralization. Nobody else seemed to know what the strange mineral was, either. Subsequent testing indicated that it was a new copper mineral. A new copper mineral in Arizona, one of the most copper-rich areas of the world! Testing and analysis continued and, eventually through perseverance by Warren and his wife Beverly Raskin Ross, the new mineral was eventually determined and described to be a new copper glycolate. Yes, an organic copper mineral, the first naturally occurring glycolate and it occurs in beautiful crystals! It was named lazaraskite in honour of Warren and Bev. Here are some lazaraskite specimen that are the only ones available at this time. They are priced by specimen size, richness and crystal size. These are the best specimens in the world of a very limited amount of this mineral.

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LazaraskeiteArizona -Lazaraskeite, Western Santa Catalina Mountains, Pima County, Arizona
  • Item #26125
  • Lazaraskeite
  • 7.8x4.5x3.3 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: micro
  • $525.00
  • Western Santa Catalina Mountains
  • Pima County
    Arizona, USA
  • One of the largest specimens of decomposed pegmatite with excellent coverage of lazaraskite crystals. The crystals are present as gemmy, light blue crystals in druses and individual crystals here and there. An excellent specimen! These are the best specimens, in the world, of a limited quantity of this new, very rare mineral, a copper glycolate.