David K. Joyce

Mont Saint-Hilaire, Charmarite

Mont Saint-Hilaire is the type locality for this rare carbonate. There are two polytypes that occur at the quarry, most of these are the tapered, striated, hexagonal prisms which are the 2H polymorph. There are also very platy crystals which are the 3T polymorph. Rare and difficult to find excellent crystals!

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Charmarite-2HMont Saint-Hilaire, Charmarite
  • Item #24088
  • Charmarite-2H
  • 3.3x3.2x1.6 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: micro
  • $75.00
  • Mont Saint-Hilaire

  • Quebec, Canada
  • An extremely good, fully exposed, tapered, hexagonal prism of charmarite exposed at the edge of a vug. The crystal bridges the vug and is light, resinous colour. Really very good and visible, photogenic crystal.