David K. Joyce

Mont Saint-Hilaire, Leifite

Mont Saint-Hilaire is the source of the world's best leifite crystal specimens. Here are some very nice examples of this rare sodium-beryllium silicate.

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Leifite, AlbiteMont Saint-Hilaire, Leifite
  • Item #23093
  • Leifite, Albite
  • 4.0x2.8x2.8 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 12mm
  • $265.00
  • Mont Saint-Hilaire

  • Quebec, Canada
  • This specimen is an elongated spherical aggregate of pretty=well, colourless but highly lustrous, hexagonal crystals of leifite. There are lots of small albite crystals attached here and there and some smaller clusters of leifite crystals attached. Excellent!
Leifite, SeranditeMont Saint-Hilaire, Leifite
  • Item #23095
  • Leifite, Serandite
  • 4.0x4.1x3.6 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: l-10mm
  • $325.00
  • Mont Saint-Hilaire

  • Quebec, Canada
  • This impressive specimen has a complete leifite spherical aggregate of crystals at the top of it and a half sphere, revealing the radiating structure lower down. Also many small pinkish serandite crystals and leifite form the matrix for the spheres. Displays very well!