David K. Joyce

Morocco -Various Minerals

Lots of other minerals come from Morocco. Here are some!

All prices in Canadian dollars. For payment in US$, deduct 18% or multiply by 0.82.

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ChalcostibiteMorocco -Various Minerals
  • Item #22698
  • Chalcostibite
  • 3.9x2.9x2.2 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 26mm
  • $45.00
  • Rar el Anz
  • Casablanca
  • A number of chalcostibite crystals, some partially altered to azurite cut through calcite matrix. The crystals are solid chalcostibite inside with a rind of azurite and a little malachite.
AnglesiteMorocco -Various Minerals
  • Item #25982
  • Anglesite
  • 2.7x1.6x0.5 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: as above
  • $40.00
  • Touissit, Oujda-Angad

  • Morocco
  • A gemmy, nicely striated crystal of anglesite from the modern day classic locality. This crystal is a bit bruised on the edges but is a good locality piece.
PyromorphiteMorocco -Various Minerals
  • Item #26705
  • Pyromorphite
  • 8.7x6.0x4.0 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 7mm
  • $65.00
  • Touissit Mine
  • Bou Beker, Jerada, Oriental
  • This altered, limestone matrix hosts many, lustrous, slightly curved-prismatic pyromorphite crystals on its vuggy exterior. A very good example from this locality!