David K. Joyce

Rare Minerals

Unusual and rare minerals that I felt would be better here than in some other category! :)

All prices in Canadian dollars. For payment in US$, deduct 20% or multiply by 0.8.

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Fluor-UviteRare Minerals
  • Item #28302
  • Fluor-Uvite
  • 1.6x1.8x1.2 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 16mm
  • $45.00
  • Dale Bush Farm
  • Richville, St. Lawrence County
    New York, USA
  • A sharp, mostly complete, singly terminated fluor-dravite crystal with a little gossanous material attached. Has a couple of crystal parts missing and one contact point. Nicely fluorescent yellow under SW U/V light.
CarpholiteRare Minerals
  • Item #29145
  • Carpholite
  • 2.9x3.0x1.5 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 6mm spray
  • $35.00
  • Krasno, Socolov Dist.
  • Karlovy Vary Reg.
    Czech Republic
  • This specimen displays a vein of light yellow radiating tufts of carpholite crystals sandwiched between granitic quarts slabs. A nice example from the collection of Kay Robertson and accompanied by her old label.
Vlasovite, Eudyalite, GittinsiteRare Minerals
  • Item #29690
  • Vlasovite, Eudyalite, Gittinsite
  • 2.8x2.0x1.8 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 18mm
  • $45.00
  • Kipawa Complex
  • Sheffield Lake, Temiscamingue,
    Quebec, Canada
  • This specimen shows a rounded crystal section of glassy vlasovite, rimmed by gittinsite, embedded in red/pink eudyalite. Rare mineral combination from this unusual alkaline rock complex. Very fluorescent, too!
JarositeRare Minerals
  • Item #29261
  • Jarosite
  • 5.0x3.1x4.0 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 1mm
  • $45.00
  • Colorado #2 Mine
  • Tintic Dist., Juab Co.
    Utah, USA
  • Well, it is not a REALLY rare mineral but specimens like this are actually not that common. Nice crystallized jarosite specimen!
CarparthiteRare Minerals
  • Item #21937
  • Carparthite
  • 7.0x6.0x5.1 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 6mm
  • $65.00
  • Picacho Mine
  • San Benito Co.
    California, USA
  • This specimen has some openings that contain yellowish crystals of this unusual mineral that is composed of just carbon and hydrogen! Some nice crystals here!
Felsobanyaite, GypsumRare Minerals
  • Item #21955
  • Felsobanyaite, Gypsum
  • 3.7x2.8x2.8 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: n/a
  • $40.00
  • Chickerell
  • Dorset
  • OK, it is not pretty! It IS unusual, though! White aggregates of this unusual aluminum sulfate mineral intermixed with elongated growths of gypsum. Was labelled originally as "basaluminite", which is a pseudonym for felsobanyaite. Unusual!
UssingiteRare Minerals
  • Item #21961
  • Ussingite
  • 4.7x4.3x3.2 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: n/a
  • $45.00
  • Mt. Punkurauj
  • Chibiny Massif, Kola Peninsula
  • A fragment of massive ussingite ranging from light mauve to purple. Rich!
Brewsterite, BaryteRare Minerals
  • Item #21992
  • Brewsterite, Baryte
  • 3.5x3.4x2.2 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 2mm
  • $35.00
  • Strontian
  • Argyllshire
  • This thick plate has its top covered with white crested baryte crystals which have a generous sprinkling of sharp brewsterite crystals. There is sphalerite or wurtzite embedded in the matrix. From the type locality!
Dawsonite, CalciteRare Minerals
  • Item #22797
  • Dawsonite, Calcite
  • 16.0x6.0x3.6 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 7mm
  • $55.00
  • St. Bruno
    Quebec, Canada
  • Masses of dawsonite fibers are present in fracture in this apparent limestone matrix. openings in the rock are lined with calcite rhombs. Unusual! R
Rosenbuschite, Eudialyte, AegirineRare Minerals
  • Item #25064
  • Rosenbuschite, Eudialyte, Aegirine
  • 7.0x4.0x4.8 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: n/a
  • $75.00
  • Norra Karr,

  • Sweden
  • Some 1-2mm orangey-brown crystals of rosenbuschite are embedded in this nepheline-eudialite-aegirine rock. Rare!
Bayldonite, MimetiteRare Minerals
  • Item #25968
  • Bayldonite, Mimetite
  • 2.7x2.2x1.6 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: micro
  • $45.00
  • Gold Hill Mine
  • Toole County
    Utah, USA
  • Lots of light green bayldonite crystals associated with white mimetite crystals on this gossanous matrix. Very good!
Boltwoodite, CalciteRare Minerals
  • Item #25993
  • Boltwoodite, Calcite
  • 2.9x2.4x2.3 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 3mm
  • $75.00
  • Swapkomund

  • Namibia
  • A couple of sprays of deep-yellow boltwoodite span this calcite crystal lined vug in massive calcite. Very nice example!
Klebelsbergite, Sulphur, StibniteRare Minerals
  • Item #26394
  • Klebelsbergite, Sulphur, Stibnite
  • 6.9x4.7x2.6 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: micro
  • $65.00
  • Pereta Mine
  • Grosetto, Tuscany
  • This specimen is predominately stibnitre crystal sections with openings between the stibnite crystals and, also, the matrix. In these openings are lots of yellow, gemmy crystals of native sulphure. As well, often there are whitish sprays of acicular klebelsbergite crystals. Excellent!
HannebachiteRare Minerals
  • Item #27664
  • Hannebachite
  • 3.4x2.9x1.8 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: micro
  • $65.00
  • Hannebacher Ley
  • Eifel
  • This dark matrix has a couple of vugs that contain very thin, platy tiny crystals of hannebachite. Rare stuff!
Macfallite, pyrolusiteRare Minerals
  • Item #27801
  • Macfallite, pyrolusite
  • 9.2x8.2x4.2 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 2mm
  • $75.00
  • Manganese Mine
  • Copper Harbor
    Michigan, USA
  • This specimen is a mass of pyrolusite and calcite with lots of areas of red-brown macfallite in the pyrolusite and calcite. Some of the calcite could be etched away to reveal really nice macfallite crystals. There are already some open vugs of the minerals with excellent crystals. Rich!
Macfallite, PyrolusiteRare Minerals
  • Item #27802
  • Macfallite, Pyrolusite
  • 9.7x9.0x5.0 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 2mm
  • $75.00
  • Manganese Mine
  • Copper Harbor
    Michigan, USA
  • Lots of macfallite in this specimen of calcite, macfallite and pyrolusite. If you etch some of the calcite off with vinegar or weak acid, there will be loads of nice macfallite crystals to view.
Neotocite, PyrolusiteRare Minerals
  • Item #27805
  • Neotocite, Pyrolusite
  • 7.6x7.1x5.7 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: n/a
  • $75.00
  • Taylor Mine
  • Alberta
    Michigan, USA
  • This specimen shows a quartz bed or vein that passes through iron-manganese oxides. The oxides are laced through with seams of thick, dark brown neotocite. Interestingly, at one end of the specimen there are pyrolusite crystals embedded in the neotocite.
NeotociteRare Minerals
  • Item #27806
  • Neotocite
  • 9.0x6.0x4.7 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: n/a
  • $65.00
  • Taylor Mine
  • Alberta
    Michigan, USA
  • This is a fragment of bedded manganese-iron oxide and quartz mineralization. Particularly at one end, there is lots of dark brown, glassy-resinous neotocite.
Neotocite, PyrolusiteRare Minerals
  • Item #27808
  • Neotocite, Pyrolusite
  • 7.8x5.0x5.3 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: n/a
  • $55.00
  • Taylor Mine
  • Alberta
    Michigan, USA
  • This specimen shows a band of dark quartz passing through iron-manganese oxides. The oxides on either side of the quartz have been partially altered to neotocite. Interestingly, the neotocite on one side has pyrolusite crystals cutting through it. Interesting!
Galena, Seligmannite, Tetrahedrite, QuartzRare Minerals
  • Item #27818
  • Galena, Seligmannite, Tetrahedrite, Quartz
  • 8.0x5.0x5.8 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: g-27mm, sel0.5mm
  • $75.00
  • La Palomo Mine
  • Huachocolpa, Huancavelica
  • A large cluster of cube-octahedral galena crystals encrusted with tiny quartz and sharp, prismatic seligmannite crystals. The seligmannite crystals sparkle and are easily seen but best looked at with a loupe or microscope. Rare mineral!! Also some small, sharp, tetrahedrite crystals.
Clinoatacamite, Gypsum, QuartzRare Minerals
  • Item #27895
  • Clinoatacamite, Gypsum, Quartz
  • 7.1x6.3x3.9 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 2mm
  • $85.00
  • Lily Mine
  • Pisco Umay
  • Here is an exemplary specimen of this relatively rare mineral. The cavity in the top of this specimen is a quartz crystal-lined cavity that is sprinkled liberally, and clustered heavily at one end, with dark, emerald-green clinoatacamite crystals. These crystals are very sharp and excellent for the mineral. As well, there are some gypsum crystals in the cavity. Displays well.
HiboniteRare Minerals
  • Item #28882
  • Hibonite
  • 1.9x1.9x0.8 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: as above
  • $85.00
  • Fort Dauphin

  • Madagascar
  • Here is a crystal of this rare pegmatite mineral from the type locality! It is a rough crystal but all the faces are there to make it a good representative crystal of this mineral.
NormanditeRare Minerals
  • Item #28947
  • Normandite
  • 2.1x1.8x2.0 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: n/a
  • $75.00
  • Khibina Mountains
  • Kola Peninsula
  • A superb example of this rare niobium/zirconium silicate mineral. The piece shows a large spray at the front of the matrix and there is a second spray at the back of the specimen. Excellent piece from this amazing alkaline intrusive area!
SarabauiteRare Minerals
  • Item #28978
  • Sarabauite
  • 2.0x1.5x2.3 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: n/a
  • $45.00
  • Sarabau Mine
  • Sarawak
    , Malasia
  • This matrix has rich inclusions of orange-red cleavages of sarabauite. This mineral is a very peculiar mineral which is sort of a hybrid sulphide and oxide, perhaps oxy-sulphide? From the type locality.