David K. Joyce

Cobalt/Gowganda Area, Stromeyerite, Silver

Stromeyerite is a rare silver rich copper sulphide. Most specimens that I have tested are NOT stromeyerite. I obtained these specimens from a well known institution and they have been tested by EDS and I am confident that they are stromeyerite. Arrows are affixed to the areas tested to more easily identify and differentiate from the bornite which is also on the specimen. Stromeyerite does not have such a purple colouration as the bornite but is difficult, but possible, to tell the difference by eye. Excellent examples!

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Stromeygrite, BorniteCobalt/Gowganda Area, Stromeyerite, Silver
  • Item #17902
  • Stromeygrite, Bornite
  • 4.5x4x2.7 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: n/a
  • $75.00
  • Morrison Mine
  • Gowganda
    Ontario, Canada
  • Grey-metallic stromeyerite shares the surface of this specimen with a thick plate of native silver and some bornite/chalcopyrite. Nice association!