David K. Joyce

Millerite, Thompson Open Pit, Thompson, Manitoba

About 25 years ago, when crews at the Thompson mine were mining the crown pillar of the Thompson mine, they encountered a vein of calcite and millerite. The veins were composed of long , tightly packed needles of millerite in carpets on each side of the vein and the calcite was in between. The millerite was exposed by etching away the calcite with acid. These are excellent examples of this mineral from that discovery.

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MilleriteMillerite, Thompson Open Pit, Thompson, Manitoba
  • Item #16032
  • Millerite
  • 7.0x4.7x3.0 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 9mm
  • $275.00
  • Thompson Open Pit
  • Thompson
    Manitoba, Canada
  • This specimen shows a 9mm or so carpet of terminated, acicular millerite needles on massive sulphide schist matrix. An excellent example!