David K. Joyce

Mont Saint-Hilaire, Manganoneptunite, Catapleiite ps Sodalite

Here is a group of interesting specimens. The matrixes all include catapleiite pseudomorphs after sodalite, usually associated with albite and microcline. The pseudo's are interesting, sort of reticulated parallel growths of catapleiite replacing sodalite. On the catapleiite are lots of gemmy, brown-red manganoneptunite crystals. There usually, at least two really nice manganoneptunite crystals on each specimen, sometimes many more.

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Manganoneptunite, Catapleiite, ps SodaliteMont Saint-Hilaire, Manganoneptunite, Catapleiite ps Sodalite
  • Item #14644
  • Manganoneptunite, Catapleiite, ps Sodalite
  • 2.7x2.3x2.1 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: m-2mm, s-2mm
  • $40.00
  • Mont Saint-Hilaire

  • Quebec, Canada
  • Many dozens of small manganoneptunite crystals on this pseudomorph. There are several hollow areas where there are very nice, gemmy, undamaged manganoneptunite crystals. The crystals on the outside tend to be damaged. Lots!
Manganoneptunite, Catapleiite ps sodaliteMont Saint-Hilaire, Manganoneptunite, Catapleiite ps Sodalite
  • Item #23020
  • Manganoneptunite, Catapleiite ps sodalite
  • 1.5cm across cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: m-1mm
  • $40.00
  • Mont Saint-Hilaire

  • Quebec, Canada
  • The matrix for these manganoneptunite crystals i a catapleiite pseudomorph after a dodecahedral sodalite crystal. The dodecahedral shape quite sharp. There are many manganoneptunite crystals on the pseudo, many damaged but many are sharp excellent crystals.