David K. Joyce

Microminerals Various Sulphides and Sulphosalts, Page Two

Here are more very nice species in micro crystals. Remember that the views that I am showing are typical and I'll try to send you something similar, not necessarily this exact specimen.

All prices in Canadian dollars. For payment in US$, deduct 18% or multiply by 0.82.

Click on any of the following thumbnails to view a larger image of the specimen.

TetrahedriteMicrominerals  Various Sulphides and Sulphosalts, Page Two
  • Item #318
  • Tetrahedrite
  • micro cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 16x mag
  • $20.00
  • Grey Rock Mine
  • Goldbridge
    British Columbia, Canada
  • Some of the tetrahedrite crystals from the Grey Rock Mine have a partial coating of chalcopyrite like this one while some have no coating. Nice and sharp!
Miargyrite, PyrrhotiteMicrominerals  Various Sulphides and Sulphosalts, Page Two
  • Item #20763
  • Miargyrite, Pyrrhotite
  • 3.3x3.1x2.3 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: p-4mm, m-micro
  • $35.00
  • Rosebud Mine
  • Humboldt County
    Nevada, USA
  • This piece is largely composed of sharp, interlocking pyrrhotite crystals, possibly pyrite pseudomorphs after pyrrhotite with reddish miargyrite here and there between the crystals. There appears to be just one very sharp ruby silver crystal, as in the photo included here. It really looks like a pyrargyrite crystal. Nice!