David K. Joyce

Grenville, Uvite ps Serendibite, Portage du Fort, Quebec

Recently, some unusual pseudomorphs of uvite after serendibite have been collected near Portage du Fort, Pontiac County, Quebec. The crystals are, generally a light blue-grey and usually have a core of serendibite. Sometimes, only a thin rim of uvite is present on the serendibite, other times the crystals are solid uvite, sometimes with a little spinel. These unusual pseudomorphs are associated with white diopside crystals and a brownish phlogopite. Unusual!

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Uvite ps SerendibiteGrenville, Uvite ps Serendibite, Portage du Fort, Quebec
  • Item #14084
  • Uvite ps Serendibite
  • 5.8x4.2x2.3 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 18mm
  • $85.00
  • Portage du Fort
  • Pontiac County
    Quebec, Canada
  • There are two uvite pseudomorphs after serendibite at the top of this specimen. Both of them have natural fractures through them that have been partially filled with diopside, phlogopite and a brownish, prismatic mineral that resembles a tourmaline group mineral. Interesting piece!