David K. Joyce

Microminerals, East Kemptville Tin Mine, Argyle, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia

The East Kemptville Tine mine was, at one time, the largest tin mine in North America. It closed in 1992. There were lots of interesting minerals there! One zone had very nice micro specimens of bertrandite, anatase, parisite, brookite, apatite and other minerals. There are well crystallized chlorite, quartz and albite lining each opening but, since they are common, I have not noted them in the descriptions. I have not shown pictures of the overall specimen, since such a picture will not tell you much. I have included overall specimen dimensions. The anatase crystals appear black but they are actually a very dark blue colour. Here are some very nice examples!

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Bertrandite, AnataseMicrominerals, East Kemptville Tin Mine, Argyle, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
  • Item #13689
  • Bertrandite, Anatase
  • 4.4x2.8x2.3 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: micro
  • $35.00
  • East Kemptville Tine Mine
  • Argyle, Yarmouth County
    Nova Scotia, Canada
  • A twinned bertrandite crystals is tucked away in a chlorite vug. Elsewhere on the specimen are many blocky, sharp anatase crystals. Lots to look at!