David K. Joyce

Cobalt/Gowganda Area -Ex. Shartner Collection

The late Gus Shartner was manager of the Siscoe Mine back in the late 1950's. He managed to collect some interesting specimens from the mine, which I have recently purchased from his family. Here they are!

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Silver, ArsenopyriteCobalt/Gowganda Area -Ex. Shartner Collection
  • Item #13635
  • Silver, Arsenopyrite
  • 12.0x8.3x4.8 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: a-7mm
  • $110.00
  • Siscoe Mine
  • Cobalt
    Ontario, Canada
  • Interesting mineralogical texture here! This piece shows relatively large crystal sections of arsenopyrite thickly embedded in both calcite and wall rock. Of course there is lots of native silver in between the arsenopyrite crystals and in a peculiar line that runs diagonally through the specimen. Rough one side and sawn on the other so that you can see mineralogical texture from two perspectives. Nice!