David K. Joyce

Engineer Mine, Atlin, British Columbia, Stibarsen-Arsenic

The Engineer Mine is also famous for "allemontite" once thought to be a mineral. It has been determined that allemontite is actually a mixture of two minerals -stibarsen and arsenic. These two minerals occur together at the Engineer mine to form interbanded, botryoidal aggregates to make up this unique assemblage. The stibarsen is always silvery, while the arsenic is pitch black. As well, arsenic occurs as the "native" form, with only a little or no stibarsen. Here are some interesting examples of these minerals. All of these specimens were recoved utilizing a metal detector on the Level 1 or "Captain Alexander's" dump. They all resulted from hand-cobbing of ore during the earliest mining activities about 100 years ago.

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Stibarsen, Arsenic, LollingiteEngineer Mine, Atlin, British Columbia, Stibarsen-Arsenic
  • Item #19335
  • Stibarsen, Arsenic, Lollingite
  • 7.1x6.8x3.6 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: Stib n/a, Lol micro
  • $85.00
  • Engineer Mine
  • Tagish Lake, nr. Atlin
    British Columbia, Canada
  • A very nice Engineer Mine Native arsenic, associated with tiny lollingite crystals.