David K. Joyce

Kulanite, Fluorapaitie

6.5x4.8x4.3 cm
Rapid Creek

Yukon, Canada

Kulanite, FluorapaitieKulanite, FluorapaitieKulanite, Fluorapaitie

Item number: 27638

Here is a magnificent specimen of kulanite in an apatite and quartz vug. The specimen is from Rock Currier's collection and comes with his label. As was Rock's practice, there is a label affixed to the back of the specimen, as well. The open vug in this piece is lined with tiny, colourless, fluorapatite crystals and a few larger quartz crystals. There are black, really very dark green, bladed crystals of kulanite generously scattered throughout the vug. The kulanite crystals are the bladed, highly lustrous variety. Beautiful specimen of a fairly rare mineral!