David K. Joyce

Cerussite, Smithsonite and ?

5.5x4.4x2.3 cm
Tsumeb Mine

Cerussite, Smithsonite and ?Cerussite, Smithsonite and ?Cerussite, Smithsonite and ?

Item number: 27436

This piece is covered on top and bottom with light green smithsonite crystals and scattered, sharp, greyish cerussite crystals. The cerussite crystals are the kind of cyclic twins that appear to be hexagonal bipyramids. The smithsonite crystals are simple, zones rhombohedra. There is a patch of an umusual mineral on two places on the specimen. At first I thought that it looked like a splash of native silver. Very silvery-metalliz. Upon closer examination, though, it is not metallic but silvery-micaceous. I guess it could be a mica or something more exotic? Interesting!