David K. Joyce

Cerussite, Dolomite, Duftite

10.2x5.7x4.0 cm
Tsumeb Mine

Cerussite, Dolomite, DuftiteCerussite, Dolomite, Duftite

Item number: 27320

The top of this specimen has a number of sharp twins and single crystals of cerussite that have a partial, thin coating of dolomite or calcite crystals. Thin enough that the forms of the cerussite crystals are clearly visible. As well, the cerussite and carbonate all formed on a crust of, what I will call, duftite. Sort of botryoidal rounded aggregates of transparent, green crystals that are intermixed with smaller cerussite crystals. The green crystals are visible at the side of the matrix. A couple of dings but very nice piece overall!