David K. Joyce

Silver, Sphalerite, Galena

7.8x7.5x3.6 cm

Colorado, USA

Silver, Sphalerite, GalenaSilver, Sphalerite, GalenaSilver, Sphalerite, Galena

Item number: 26963

Here is an interesting, old time, high-grade, ore specimen!! The matrix is mostly quartz, studded with honey-yellow sphalerite crystals embedded in it. As well there is a little galena and fluorite. At one end is a portion of a vug with slightly smoky quartz crystals. Most importantly though is that most of the piece is laced with excelently crystallized native silver in elongated and herringbone type crystal habit. The crystals protrude out of much of the matrix. These don't come around very often! An old label from a mineral dealership "The Prospect Hole, Creede, Colorado" accompanies the piece. Excellent!