David K. Joyce

Euxenite-(Y), Goethite, ps Pyrite

8.3x4.8x6.4 cm
Beryl Pit
Ontario, Canada

Euxenite-(Y), Goethite, ps PyriteEuxenite-(Y), Goethite, ps PyriteEuxenite-(Y), Goethite, ps Pyrite

Item number: 26618

A number of sharp, yttrium-rich crystals of euxenite-(Y) are embedded and well exposed in feldspar, pegmatite matrix. Some of the euxenite crystals are cracked but many are intact and excellent. As well, there are a number of, sharp, brown cubes embedded in the feldspar that are goethite pseudomorphs after pyrite. Interesting specimen from an interesting pegmatite!