David K. Joyce

Safflorite, Dyscrasite

9.7x4.8x4.5 cm
Erzgebirge, Saxony

Safflorite, DyscrasiteSafflorite, DyscrasiteSafflorite, Dyscrasite

Item number: 26398

This is an interesting piece. The base is some sort of sericite schist(looks like), with a thick, 1cm+ layer of porous, black, sectile dyscrasite on the base. The top of the dyscrasite is largely covered with individual crystals, balls or blankets of silvery safflorite in different areas of the dyscrasite. A rich piece with interesting mineralogy. Has a hand written label stating "Safflorit xl mit Dyskrasit, Hartenstein". Nice one from a classic old locality!!