David K. Joyce

Diopside, Grossular, Millerite

10.9x12.26.3 cm
Orford Nickel Mine
Quebec, Canada

Diopside, Grossular, MilleriteDiopside, Grossular, MilleriteDiopside, Grossular, Millerite

Item number: 25155

The Orford Nickel Mine was one of the first, or THE first, nickel mines in North America. It was first developed in 1860 but never really amounded to much since the ore was refractory and the metallurgy was very difficult. This specimen is classic Orford consisting of a vuggy matrix with lots of small, well formed, diopside crystals, lots of tiny green grossular crystals, plus clots of chromite. More importantly, there are small, stocky millerite crystals all through the specimen. Pretty cool, historically and mineralogically! Looks good too! :)