David K. Joyce

Horvathite-(Y), Gobbinsite, Chabazite

8.4x4.8x3.3 cm
Mont Saint-Hilaire

Quebec, Canada

Horvathite-(Y), Gobbinsite, ChabaziteHorvathite-(Y), Gobbinsite, ChabaziteHorvathite-(Y), Gobbinsite, Chabazite

Item number: 24097

Lots of clusters and individual crystals of off-white, striated horvathite-(Y) crystals are scattered about on this matrix. The matrix is a pseudomorph of, probably quartz and siderite after slightly divergent aegirine crystals. There are also lots of hexagonal, platy crystals of chabazite and clusters of gobbinsite crystals plus sparkling analcime crystals. Lots of other minerals! Excellent specimen!