David K. Joyce

Safflorite, Skutterudite, Silver

8.0x6.7x5.7 cm
Frontier Mine
South Lorrain Twp.
Ontario, Canada

Safflorite, Skutterudite, SilverSafflorite, Skutterudite, SilverSafflorite, Skutterudite, Silver

Item number: 22889

Modest amounts of silver cut through the arsenides and dolomite of this old-timer. Crystals of skutterudite and arsenopyrite are visble in the matrix, as are balls or sprays of safflorite. It is accompanied by an antique label from the A. Cole collection. This was a piece probably collected in the 1910's by Cole, the mining engineer employed by the railway to manage the veins under the railway. right-of-way. When this mine was operating, the town of "Silver Center" was a going concern. It is now a ghost town with little evidence of it remaining.