David K. Joyce

Serandite, Manganeptunite, Astrophyllite

2.8x2.4x1.6 cm
Mont Saint-Hilaire

Quebec, Canada

Serandite, Manganeptunite, AstrophylliteSerandite, Manganeptunite, Astrophyllite

Item number: 21363

A couple of nice, pinkish serandite crystals, plus a number of smaller serandite crystals are on the top of this matrix of serandite, albite and aegirine. The smaller serandite crystal is doubly terminated while the large on is singly terminated with a small contact point on the termination. There are also some very sharp, deep, red-brown manganeptunite crystals between the serandites and some sharp, bladed astrophyllite crystals. Interesting piece!