David K. Joyce

Copper, Analcime

13.2x10.0x4.2 cm
Keweenaw Peninsula

Michigan, USA

Copper, AnalcimeCopper, AnalcimeCopper, Analcime

Item number: 21300

Here is an old timer! The top of this specimen is lined with white analcime crystals which in turn have fairly sharp copper crystals clustered on the analcime. The analcime crystals are fairly lustrous trapezohedra that are hematite tinted on the right side of the piece. The copper crystals range from fairly equant isometric crystal combinations to more elongated crystals tending towards dendritic. Accompanying labels indicate that it is ex-Charles Noll collection at Marquette University. Charles Noll label included. LOOKS like an old timer. A well-known association but not one we see all that often. Displays very well!