David K. Joyce

Hydroxylapatite, Collinsite, Asphaltum

4.3x4.5x3.4 cm
Francois Lake
Omenica Mining Division
British Columbia, Canada

Hydroxylapatite, Collinsite, AsphaltumHydroxylapatite, Collinsite, AsphaltumHydroxylapatite, Collinsite, Asphaltum

Item number: 14871

This specimen has a band of collinsite crystals cutting through the middle of hydroxylapatite. The collinsite has been partially etched in places to provide open spaces lined with hydroxylapatite crystals and contain what appear to be free-standing collinsite crystals but what are really relict collinsite crystals. Also some Asphaltic pyrobitumen present. Pretty cool piece!