The Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

By D Joyce

I have visited the Bay of Fundy area many times in the past few years, mostly together with my friend and collecting partner Raymond McDougall. We’ve taken lots of pictures, had many adventures, met great people and brought back many specimens for our mineral businesses. My plan was to create an article for my website, like I usually do, to inform people about this interesting area of the world. Ray beat me to it and did SUCH a good job that I can’t see creating my own article. Instead I am providing you a link to his article on his website!

Read Ray McDougall's Article "Nova Scotia Mineral Collecting - The Bay of Fundy" Here

Have a good read! For other reading on collecting minerals in Nova Scotia, have a look at these articles on my website:

I have many interesting and attractive mineral specimens on my website from the Bay of Fundy region. You can look at specimens in the main “Minerals” listing on my site under these headings by clicking on these links:

Or just go to the main “minerals” section of my website and scroll down to “Zeolites, Nova Scotia”!

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