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Yukon Phosphates, Wolfeite

At certain places in the Yukon phosphate deposits, rare phosphate minerals occur in flattened nodules in the iron-phosphate rich shales. Some of these species are very rare.

How can you tell the species apart?
Wolfeite = cinnamon brown, lustrous
Satterlyite = resinous yellow, Maricite = milky pink/greyish dull lustre, often with metavivianite giving blue colour inbetween crystals of maricite. In section, maricite looks like dinosaur bone.
Wicksite = black or very dark green

Here are some excellent examples of these very rare minerals. These are all that I have and it is unlikely that more will be recovered in the near future. They originate in a very remote part of the Yukon.

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WolfeiteYukon Phosphates, Wolfeite
  • Item #10528
  • Wolfeite
  • 5.2x5.5x2.0 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 30mm
  • $75.00
  • Big Fish River

  • Yukon, Canada
  • A very nice section of a nodule exhibiting excellent wolfeite in radiating form.