David K. Joyce

Sperrylite, Broken Hammer Deposit, Sudbury, Ontario

A new, platinum-rich, mineral deposit has been discovered and mined near Sudbury, Ontario. The deposit consisted of massive sluphides cut by peculiar quartz epidote intrusives that seem to have very well formed sperrylite crystals associated with them. The deposit outcrops to surface and in some places is oxidized to a gossanous breccia. The crystals excellent, well-formed lustrous, examples of this rare platinum arsenide mineral. There was an initial supply of these specimens when Wallbridge Mining Company conducted a large bulk sample. These specimens are from the actual mining operations that were carried out later. The mine is now finished and is being rehabilitated. For more detailed information on the Broken Hammer Mine, check out the article in the "Articles" section of the website.

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SperryliteSperrylite, Broken Hammer Deposit, Sudbury, Ontario
  • Item #19917
  • Sperrylite
  • 2.9x2.2x1.6 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 3mm
  • $45.00
  • Broken Hammer Mine
  • Wisner Township
    Ontario, Canada
  • A "research grade" specimen showing a broken sperrylite crystal exposed in chalcopyrite matrix.