David K. Joyce

Gold, Rivard Property, Red Lake, Ontario

Every summer, Danny Rivard works the gold bearing quartz veins on his claims. He drills, blasts and recovers high-grade gold in quartz. During the fall, he uses small-scale milling equipment to crush, grind and concentrate the gold. He then melts it down into a gold-dore bar to sell to a refinery. That is his pay for his hard work! This year, he recovered some nice samples to be preserved as specimens representing this unique occurrence. Here are some very nice examples of gold in quartz veins that cut gray altered tuff or green fuschite.

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GoldGold, Rivard Property, Red Lake, Ontario
  • Item #9990
  • Gold
  • 8.5x7.0x2.1 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: n/a
  • $150.00
  • Rivard Mine
  • Red Lake
    Ontario, Canada
  • A pure white vein of quartz cuts across the top of this grey phyllite matrix. The quatz vein has a very rich area of bright native gold in it. Nice specimen!