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Rocks and Ores, Temagami Mine, Temagami, Ontario

The Temagami Mine was originally detected by airborn geophysics, by Dr. Norman Keevil, a geophysics pioneer, who was working for a company called Dominion Gulf, at the time. Dominion showed no interest in the property, which seemed to be just a large pyrite body. When Dr. Keevil left Dominion, years later, he was given access to the property and determined that under the large, uninteresting pyrite body was a super-high-grade chalcopyrite deposit. He formed Temagami Mining Ltd., and started production in 1954 and production continued until 1972. The revenue from that operation provided the seed capital for the acquisition of other companies and properties that eventually coalesced into Teck Corporation, Canada's biggest mining company and one of the world's most successful mine finders, finaciers and mine operators. Here are examples of ore and mineral specimens from the long-defunct Temagami mine. I obtained them in an an exchange with a large museum. These are not weathered samples from mine dumps but were collected during mining operations. They are not fantastic mineral specimens, persay, but they are very interesting due to the association of the various minerals -chalcopyrite, millerite, gersdorffite and bismuthinite, plus they are a piece of mining history!

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MilleriteRocks and Ores, Temagami Mine, Temagami, Ontario
  • Item #18726
  • Millerite
  • 7.5x4.5x4.0 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: as above
  • $125.00
  • Temegami Mine
  • Temagami
    Ontario, Canada
  • A chung of solid sulphides consisting mostly of cleavages of millerite, intergrown with a little chalcopyrite and some crystals of gersdorffite embedded in one side. Don't see many of these! This mine was the first mine found and operated by Teck Resources. Rich in metal and history!