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Rocks and Ores, Unusual Sudbury Basin Ores -Millerite, Pentlandite, etc.

The Sudbury Basin is one of the most prolific nickel and copper producing areas of the world. It dwarfs ALL other nickel producing areas in terms of total production over its 130 or so years of life. While the run-of-mine ores are fairly low grade -2% or so Ni with some copper and PGE's, on occasion, super high grade and unusual ores are encountered. This one of the few places in the world where you can find millerite that occiurs in cleavable masses with bright, mirror-like cleavafe planes. As well, the pentlandite, rarely, can be extremely rich. Here are some fine examples. Extra postage will probably apply since many are very dense/heavy!

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Millerite, ChalcopyriteRocks and Ores, Unusual Sudbury Basin Ores -Millerite, Pentlandite, etc.
  • Item #15293
  • Millerite, Chalcopyrite
  • 10.7x10.5x5.5 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 60mm
  • $120.00
  • Levack Mine
  • Levack, Levack Township
    Ontario, Canada
  • A large crystal of millerite is embedded right in the middle of this large fragment of golden chalcopyrite. The crystal is characterized by a mirror-like cleavage showing two cleavage directions. Some pentlandite on the back. Very rich, specimen of this unusual form of millerite! Very heavy so a little extra postage will be required.